About Us

It all began with an opportunity to help a friend living in the United States to distribute their mung beans in Canada. With much success, Mr. Victor Young seized this opportunity as a true entrepreneur to focus his energies into importing and wholesaling rather than continue with his Asian retail store.

Thus, Young & Young Trading Co., Ltd. was born. Established in 1958, Young & Young has grown into one of the largest Asian food importers and wholesalers in Canada with our head office located in Toronto. Over 66 years of dedicated service to our customers has made us one of the oldest and most reliable importers of Asian foodstuffs in Canada.

Our customers include food manufacturers, food service, food distributors, and retail stores. We not only pride ourselves on the high level of service we offer but also with the strict quality of the products we choose to carry. Many of the Brands we represent have earned prestigious certifications, such as HACCP, ISO, and/or BRC certifications.

We are fortunate to have an extensive and diverse customer base which includes many of the mainstream supermarket chains offering the general public easier access to Asia’s most popular foods and brands. Representing some of Asia’s top brands has given Young & Young penetrating distribution into all levels of food distribution, not only locally but nationally as well.

On April 1st, 2022, Y&Y joined the Oriental Merchant Group of companies. With offices and warehouses around the world, their expertise in finance, product sourcing, logistics and brand marketing will further excel Y&Y’s growth in Canada. Providing all Canadians access to Asia’s most famous culinary brands at the most affordable prices. The best is yet to come!

Our Business Philosophy

Authentic Asian Food

Providing quality authentic Asian food products from the world to our customers: Our products are authentic Asian foods and are manufactured from all over the world. Countries of origin include China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. We constantly keep a pulse on the Asian market to catch all new trends as they emerge into the food market.

Reliable, Dependable, Trustworthy

Customers’ wishes are our command: We are reliable, dependable, trustworthy and committed. Being in business for over 50 years, we have developed strong, long lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers, many of which we have worked with for over decades. We believe trust must take time to earn but can be lost if not constantly nurtured.

Convenient One-Stop Shop

One-stop shopping for our customers: We presently carry over 800 items. It is our intent to provide as much a one-stop shopping experience as possible, to save our customers both time and money.